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Remote Permaculture Design Consultation

1. Project Briefing

To start working with us we need to establish a project brief with your goal’s, dreams and objectives. We also need to capture all the necessary information specific to your project site. This will be obtained when you fill out our booking form questionnaire. You will be asked to select a date and time slot for your initial Skype consultation with Geoff. You will also need to obtain the best quality topographical digital map (i.e. with contours) you can find of your property and attach that with your brief. NB We offer a LIDAR mapping service for the highest level of accuracy, the pricing which can be offered upon request.

2. Site Assessment

As soon as we have received your consultation form questionnaire, and you have completed the intitial Skype consultation, we will initiate your project by creating a detailed overview map. We will also conduct detailed research on your specific locations, solar angles, climatic and environmental factors. You will receive a copy of this digital site assessment report that you can review prior to your second Skype meeting with us, though it will only have accuracy to the level of the mapping system used. 

3. Second Skype Interview

A second, up-to-one hour long Skype interview will be held with Geoff Lawton. During this interview Geoff will go through the concept he has produced based on your brief and the environmental factors of your site. Design options for your site will be discussed and clarification obtained for the design process.

4. Permaculture Design

Once we have established which of the proposed design options you would like to proceed with, we will enter the design phase of the project. Geoff will then put your permaculture design together.  Click here to see an example.

5. Mainframe Design Review & Confirmation

You will be sent the design document for one round of review and feedback and final adjustments.  This feedback will take place during a one hour Skype call. We will then overlay the design onto the digital map provided or LIDAR map if you have chosen that option.