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Services FAQ

What is the least amount of days needed for a consult?

If you are outside of Australia, Geoff will need 1 day of travel from Australia to your site, 1 day ​on site at the absolute bare minimum (on the ground​ for the consultancy itself​​), and 1 day to fly back to Zaytuna Farm in Australia. Again, that is the minimum, as other factors impact time required.

What other factors impact the time needed?

The scope and scale of the job, as well as the complexity of the brief in relation to the job, will affect the time needed. Once we get additional details about what you have in mind, we’ll be able to advise further.

What can I do to help streamline this process?

The more information that can be sent beforehand, the more that Geoff and his associates can focus clearer and deeper on the consultancy itself.. His suggestion to clients is always this: Provide as much information as possible before hand, so that as much time as possible​ of the face-to-face time​ is spent on the actual consultancy​, rather than on the preliminaries​. You’re welcome and encouraged to send along anything and everything that you feel encapsulates your particular wishes​ / deliverables​ for the project.