We Design Regenerative Food Producing Ecosystems

With cutting edge permaculture design for homes, farms, businesses and aid projects.


Data Driven

We base our designs on essential scientific data collected from the local environment such as: climate type, sun angels, rainfall, topography, winds, water, roads, structures as well as historical and local knowledge. 
We assimilate all this data with our clients brief which gives us an overview of how to best position each new desired element in our designs, be it houses, gardens, animals, damns and so on.
We then consider how all of these elements connect and work together and how they cycle energy between each other. By starting with the right data it allows us to create systems that work in synergy, just like natural ecosystems do.

This process maximises efficiency by saving water, energy, time, recourses, money. This ultimately leads to a naturally harmonious and abundant landscape.

We Are Guided By Nature, Ethics & Science

We draw our inspiration from natural ecosystems, not just because they are beautiful and awe-inspiring. But because natural systems work, nature has solved countless problems with the most genius solutions and they have been tested for over 3.4 billion years.  We research, mimic and apply these solutions to address the specific needs in each project.

Always Sticking to The Principles

Whilst working with us you can be rest assured that we will always adhere to the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and return of surplus in every step of the way. This ensures that we create systems that are fair and truly sustainable. 


By living a permaculture lifestyle in permaculture designed home you can:

Increase your physical and mental health by working with and connecting to nature.

Enjoy greater food security byproviding your own organic food.

Explore the potential for a new career and a sustainable livelihood.

Generate new sustainable income streams and businesses.

Save money and energy whilst freeing up your time.

Enjoy a meaningful and positive existence that benefits the earth.

Permaculture design can improve farms of all sizes to be sustainable by working with nature instead of against her

Eliminate the need for dangerous and polluting agrochemicals.

Stop soil erosion, bring back life, fertility and build your soil.

Protect your farm against droughts and floods with the correct design.

Turn any organic waste or pollutants in to benefits for your farm.

Capture and store as much water, energy and nutrients as possible.

Obtain multiple diverse crop yields all year around, instead of just one.

Increase your farms efficiency and save energy, time and money.

Produce products you can be proud of that contribute to a better world.

 Permaculture design contributes to the triple bottom line, of planet, people and profit

Reduce your costs, with passive solar heating and cooling.

Facilitate innovative ways to recycle your waste into bi-products.

Incorporate food and material production on site whilst creating aesthetic spaces.

Going sustainable means you will have a great brand story to tell your clients.

Green spaces for employees increases staff well-being and moral.

Increase your businesses ability to comply with ecological regulation.

By being sustainable your business can attract ethical employees, investors and make your shareholders happy.


Initial Exploration Call

With Geoff Lawton

Remote Permaculture

Design Consultation

On-Site Permaculture Consultation


We work in a range of diverse industry sectors, climates and locations. Each situation requires its own techniques and strategies but our goal remains the same. We aim to capture and store as much energy, water and recourses and we cycle them as many times as possible before we allow them to leave our designed systems. Saving both money and time whilst reducing waste.