We love to push the limits of permaculture design
and create efficient, functional and beautiful systems
that work in synergy with nature.



Over 30 years experience in permaculture world wide

We have been around from the dawn of permaculture and have worked across all major climate zones in several countries, around the world. On large landscape and acreage projects to small urban household projects and anything in between. You can rest assured, that no matter how degraded your landscape we know how to bring it back to life.

100% committed

Our goal is always to deliver outstanding permaculture consultancies and designs. No matter the scale, we put high emphasis on professionalism, quality, and attention to detail. Because we know each successful project will inspire 100 more and we believe this will lead to a sustainable future for all.

We take a holistic approach

Compared to other sustainability consultants we offer a holistic approach. We consider a very broad and deep range of permaculture solutions that suit your spesific location and project. 

Fastrack your projects evolution

Our tried and tested techniques can help you fast track your permaculture system onto the path of abundance without any big bumps in the road.
By working with us you can eliminate any risk or common mistakes made by novice consultants.

What can we do for you?


Drought Proof Your Landscape

By designing and installing water harvesting landscape features like swales, dams and ponds, we can help you capture every single drop of water that falls on to your land and allow it to slowly seep in to your soils.

This will in turn help replenish your lands hydrological cycle and put your property on a trajectory for ecological success.

We would also identify any available roof space and water tank locations for you to catch and store water that can be used for both your house hold needs and irrigation.

Eliminate Top Soil Erosion

one of the biggest problems that nobody is talking about is top soil erosion and it is happening all around the world in most modern day agricultural lands.  It is caused by land tilling the soil with machinery and exposing the soil to sun, winds and heavy rains and polluting the land with agrochemicals. Luckily we are experts at reversing this damage and initiate the natural soil building processes that brings back fertility and life to the landscape.  We start by slowing down the water flow,  shelter your soil form wind and sun plus inoculate your soil with healthy aerobic microorganisms that bring out the nitrogen fixing pioneer plant species that can build the organic material to form your new top soil.

Live In Harmony With Nature

By converting your property in to a permaculture system you can enjoy a variety of benefits in many areas of life. Less monthly bills and reliance on power companies, as you would be generating and storing your own electricity. Increased well being by producing your own healthy and organic food, right on your door step with virtually zero carbon footprint. You would have the potential to work from home with a sustainable livelihood, creating extra income streams from surplus yields that have been designed in to your system.

Food Forests & Agro-Ecology

We can design a forest full of food, yes that’s right we put together 7 layers of food producing trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and root crops along with support species.  Once they are established they will keep on producing food indefinitely and function just like a natural forest. Unlike monoculture orchards that are high maintenance and are susceptible to pests and nutrient depletion.  Orchards also only give one big harvest a year.

Food forests have their own natural checks and balances.  They cycle nutrients and provide homes for wildlife that keep pests under control. You will be able to enjoy a multitude of yields through the year in every season.  Food forests are the most efficient way of growing food with minimal effort for maximum out put.

Transitioning To Organic Farming?
We Can Help…

Want to take your farm from conventional to an organic permaculture farm and get a better price and produce superior nutrient dense food that is grown with the environment in mind?  Then get in touch for a quote today, we can help you take the necesery steps to bring fertility and life back in to your soils