On-Site Permaculture Consultations

Whether you are in Australia or overseas Geoff or one of our team members will hit the ground running and create your main frame design.


Book Your On-Site Consultation

On Site Permaculture Consultations

1. Project Briefing

To start working with us we need to establish a project brief with your goal’s, dreams and objectives. We also need to capture all the necessary information specific to your project site. This will be obtained when you fill out our booking form questionnaire. You will also be asked to select a date and time slot for your initial Skype consultation with Geoff.

2. On Site Permaculture Design

We will hit the ground running and get straight into the mainframe design. For a consultation on site, on the day Geoff or a PSC Consultant will mark up a topographical map of your property (for you to supply), and provide notes and sketches on the proposal.  We will then carry out a follow up phone call after the visit to discuss the initial plan before providing a finalised design map.

3. Additional Extras

There are a several additional services which can be offered post the initial design phase. These can be discussed further after or during our visit.