Zaytuna Farm



Zaytuna Farm is the home of the permaculture research institute as well as the private residence of Geoff and Nadia Lawton. The property has been in constant permaculture development for over 16 years and features a wide range of demonstration in permaculture techniques and farming practices. Such as the use of chicken tractors, rotational grazing systems, food forest systems and a very large water harvesting network of swales damns spillways and rainwater tanks.

Many permaculture education courses take place on the property throughout the year and are held at a specially designed education center composed of a lecture hall, composting toilet shower block, commercial kitchen, a commons area, and camping grounds. The property is also home to longterm volunteers who have dedicated their time to learn permaculture through practical hands-on experience of working with Geoff and Nadia on the land.



Zaytuna Farm came into being after Bill Mollison had handed over the responsibility of managing the permaculture research institute to Geoff Lawton. Geoff relocated the PRI from its original location in Tyalgum NSW to the Channon NSW.  His vision was to establish a permaculture demonstration site with a wide range of permaculture principles and techniques in place. He wanted to demonstrate the abundance of permaculture food production as well as water harvesting and drought-proofing systems. To create a place where people would be inspired and learn how to design and care for the future of this world.

The future plan for Zaytuna is to ensure its longevity and permanence and the aim is now to develop the site into a permaculture community in form of a multiple occupancy.
Where custodians live together can continue the work that has been implemented for years to come.


SIZE 66 Acres
LONGITUDE 28°40’38.0″S
RAINFALL 1332 ml / year




The Permaculture

Education Centre

The education center is made up of 4 x 20 meter long repurposed shipping containers laid out in a U-shape with a large galvanized tin roof that catches every single drop of rainwater that lands on it. The Education Centre has a guest common room/wifi computer room, a guest/commercial kitchen, an open-air lecture classroom, and a dining area. It is seen as the heart of Zaytuna and is  a great gathering space.

Drought Proof
Water Harvesting Systems

The Farm has a unique water harvesting system featuring 27 dams, several kilometres of swale and 4 large concrete water tanks which all together holds a vast amount of water for irrigation, animals and household use.  The swales ensure that we are continuously recharging the landscape and the water table below the ground. 

Diverse and Resiliant Food Production

Food forest, animal grazing systems, chicken tractors, fish ponds, main crop and kitchen gardens all make up a integrated dynamic and resiliant food production systems that together supply the farm and its residents with ample nutritous food. 


Having visited Zaytuna farm and done both the permaculture design and in action course.  It confirmed for me that I am on the right track. It has personally been a tremendously useful experience.

– Weruscha Kirkegaard




Producing Permaculture Designers

What Zaytuna Farm produce really well is Permaculture Designers. Each year we transform the lives of keen individuals who want to learn how to live and design sustainable lives. Many of Zaytuna farms students have gone into the world and made huge permaculture impacts either on their own property or as consultants.

Established Food Security

Zaytuna Farm is continuously producing food form all its different systems: Food forests, kitchen, and main crop gardens and animal systems. Plenty of eggs, meat, vegetables and fruits is supplied to the residents volunteers and guests with ample food all year round.

Rehydrating the Landscape

The original plot was a compacted nutrient depleeted and dry landscape form decades of overgrazing and poor management.
Today Zaytuna Farm has restored the hydrological cycle and is continuously storing water in the landscape by slowing down water runoff as well as soil erosion.

Inspiring the world

Zaytuna Farm is seen as one of the major permaculture demonstration sites in the world, 

Completely Off Grid Power

Zaytuna Farm has a completely stand alone solar power system with back up generators for cloudy days.

Tremendous Biodiversity Increase

There have been sightings of over 400 different species birds, both local and migratory since the reforestation and permaculture design has been implemented.

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